ChessBot is a Slack bot that operates for fun. As such, we use as little as possible identifying information in order to make the bot work.

1. Information We Collect

We collect the following information from Slack in order to operate the game:

  • Team ID, ex: TXXXXXXX. This allows the bot to select the correct authorization token in order to interact with your workspace.
  • Authorization Token, the token granted by Slack to our bot in order to securely communicate with your workspace.
  • User IDs involved with the game, ex: UXXXXXX
  • Channel IDs for game communication, ex: CXXXXXX
  • Chess moves made (stored in PGN format)


Our web server will log information about your request (such as your browser user-agent and IP address). This is necessary for service health monitoring as well as to prevent abuse of the service.

2. Security

We store this information in a database that is not accessible from the internet.

3. Third party access

We share User IDs and chess moves made in games with in order to import it for your analysis. This is not done automatically, it requires a player to click the “Analyze Game” link at the end of the game.

4. Cookies

We do not use cookies.

5. Portability

If requested, we will attempt to get all information pertaining to your user ID.