Making Moves

ChessBot makes use of Long Algebraic Notation (LAN), which is basically referencing the grid directly.

Ranks are indicated by number (1-8) and files are indicated by lettter (a-h)

In order to make a move, mention @chessbot and give a LAN grid move:

@chessbot d2d4



Consider the following simplified board:


We can do a king-side castle by moving the king at e1 to g1:

@chessbot e1g1


Queen-side castle would be similar:

@chessbot e1c1

Piece Promotion

ChessBot supports minor piece promotion. Suppose we have a simplified board setup where we want to promote the white pawn.


We can promote the white pawn to a queen by issuing the following move command:

@chessbot c7c8q


Promotion List

letter notation example result
q c7c8q Promote to Queen
n c7c8n Promote to Knight (Under-promotion)
r c7c8r Promote to Rook (Under-promotion)
b c7c8b Promote to Bishop (Under-promotion)

Images created by cjsaylor/chessimage