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Ship of Fools

Explore the ocean in this whimsical, cooperative game.

By: Chris Saylor | January 17, 2023 • 3 minute read

“Ship of Fools” is a seafaring cooperative “roguelite” game developed by Fika Productions and published by Team17 who is probably best known for their smash hit Overcooked. It is available on PC and consoles. You play the Fools, the only creatures fool enough to brave the sea. The Great Lighthouse that once protected the Archipelago is broken and a storm of malice and corruption is coming.

One of the key features of the game is its emphasis on teamwork and communication. Players must work together to gather resources, repair the ship, and fend off the various dangers that threaten their survival, include feisty crabs, exploding puffer fish, and other hazards that threaten to sink the ship.

“Ship of Fools” allows players to explore the archipelago and discover its many secrets. As players progress in the game, they will unlock new characters and uncover hidden treasures. This encourages players to explore and experiment with different places to visit on the map as well as how different pieces of equipment interact with each other. During the heat of battle, you may even discover that you can put more than just the normal ammo in the cannons.

Randomly generated map that has lots of points of interest.
Randomly generated map that has lots of points of interest.

Another great aspect of the game is its art style and atmosphere. The ship is beautifully rendered and the game’s soundtrack perfectly complements the game’s adventurous and mysterious tone. The game is full of vibrant colors and detailed animations that bring the ship to life and make the player feel like they are truly on a perilous journey.

Defend the ship from all sorts of various sea monsters.
Defend the ship from all sorts of various sea monsters.

Overall 4/5

In summary, “Ship of Fools” is a great game for playing with your kids from eight years old and up. The game’s emphasis on teamwork and communication, combined with its humorous characters, make it a perfect choice for families looking to play together. The game’s art style and atmosphere also make it an enjoyable and immersive experience for players of all ages.

The only draw back to the game is its length. It can feel a bit short, and once you are able to consistently beat the runs, you have to be self-motivated to continue unlocking all the upgrades. However, given it’s lower price of (at the time of writing) $15 USD, it is still well worth it.

Breakdown of skills engaged

  • Spacial Awareness: 5/5
  • Memory Skills: 3/5
  • Hand-eye Coordination: 5/5
  • Problem Solving: 5/5
  • Reading Skills: 3/5
  • Entertainment: 5/5
  • Appropriateness: 4/5

Reviewed on the PC version through Steam.

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