The Tree House

The project that kindled the hobby.

June 10, 2019 • 1 minute read

Constructing this tree house is the largest project I’ve completed to date. Armed with a chop saw, a jig saw, and a handful of tools, the tree house went up in about three full weekends of work.

With about $500 worth of pressure treated lumber, it all starts with the framing. The two main beams are 2x10s fastened with some massive lag screws. Four “knee braces” are largely responsible for supporting the weight of the structure. This configuration transfers the weight on the frame directly to the tree’s trunk.

The stud structure are 2x6s 16" on center.

The main attraction of this tree house is the trap door, which is the only entrance/exit.

Decking is standard exterior boards. With it all in place it is an eight foot square platform.

With the railing in place, the foreman was able to inspect the job.

He approved.

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