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    Chickadee on a Fir Branch February 10, 2019

    A chickadee sits alert on the branch of a fir tree. This was my first use of rubber cement as a blocker of paint for a more continuous backround …

    Cardinal Study February 10, 2019

    Simple cardinal study for Sam. Practiced a newer stroke to simulate soft/rough feathers.

    "Blue Whale" May 31, 2018

    Sam has been especially fond of whales, so I decided to paint a picture for his room. In this piece, I’m starting to get the hang of blending colors. …

    "Storm Tree" (in a Canolla Field) May 26, 2018

    This is mostly a study on shadowing the tree (as well as some coloring). The washes are not yet well blended, but that will come with time. I also …

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