jQuery plugin to add tabs visually associated to their position relative to the scroll bar.

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Scrolltab is a jQuery plugin that adds tabs visually associated to their position relative to the scroll bar.

This enables a developer to attach floating tabs to the scrollbar of the brwoser that will scroll the user to the position indicated by the tab. This tab is expandable with content within.



  • title: HTML to display within the pin
  • classname: The classname for the pin to use
  • mouseenter: function to execute when the mouseenter event fires on this pin
  • mouseleave: function to execute when the mouseleave event fires on this pin
  • click: function to execute when the click event fire on this pin

Setting Options via data attributes

You can set the title and classname of the pin via data attributes on the object.

<h4 class="scrolltab" data-st-title="Pin Title" data-st-classname="custom-pin-class">Title</h4>


The behavior of how the pin displays and hides is customizable by overriding the behavior functions.

Initial Display

When a new pin is created by the .scrolltab() call.

  • Default behavior: fadeIn('slow')

Display On Update

If the element the scrollpin was tracking becomes visible again, this will redisplay the pin.

  • Default behavior: fadeIn('slow')

Pin Hide

If the element the scrollpin was tracking is hidden from the dom, this will hide the pin.

  • Default behavior: fadeOut('fast')


    // Enables a pin with the default classname
    $('<dom object>').scrolltab();
    // Changes the classname of the created (or existing) pin
    $('<dom object>').scrolltab({ classname: 'test' });
    // Modifies the behavior of the click event on the pin
    $('<dom object').scrolltab({
        click: function (e) {
            alert('Pin clicked.')
    // Modify the initial behavior of pins showing on page load
    $.fn.scrolltab.pinInitialDisplay = function(pin) {
        // I don't want the fancy fadein affect.;
    $('<dom object>').scrolltab();
    // Modify the default attributes of all pins created now on
    // In this example, I want all pins to have a click event function
    // callback attached.
    $.fn.scrolltab.default = $.extend($.fn.scrolltab.default, {
        click: function (e) {
            alert('Pin clicked!');
    $('<dom object>').scrolltab();


Scrolltab uses Grunt CLI via NodeJS for linting and building the minified production file.


Install grunt cli globally:

$ npm install -g grunt-cli

Install dev dependencies:

$ npm install -d

Execute lint and build:

$ grunt


This software is protected under the MIT license.